Expand full value chain services
to enhance our service capability
Expand full value chain services
to enhance our service capability
Financing: financing, funds management and other services
Investment: investment evaluation, project feasibility study, project acquisition and other services
Construction: project positioning, investment attraction, design, construction management, promotion, commercial system construction and other services
Management: project opening, operation and other services
Exit: asset valuation, asset sale/exit, new investor introduction and other services
Core Competence

Central commercial tenant solicitation system
Central commercial tenant solicitation team
Central merchant resource pool
Central investment information management platform
Central merchant strategic cooperation alliance
Central global commercial tenant solicitation network
Central merchant evaluation system


Standardized operation management system
Customer value-added service standards
Merchant collaborative management standards
Star-level environmental management standards
Human resource management standards
Whole-process IT management


Intensive promotion resource integration system
All-in-one brand promotion strategy
Group-type brand promotion synergy
Professional brand promotion team
Diversified brand promotion channels
Large-scale brand integration and promotion
Platform-based merchant brand integration


Pre-event engineering management system
Synchronization of business planning and architectural planning
Compact planning, design, and construction control
Business operation is basically adapted to engineering needs

Four Major Competences
Financial collaborative capability
Financial collaborative capability
With standardized financial systems and procedures, able to coordinate with financial institutions, boasting multiple financing channels, and able to connect with the capital market
Supply chain integration
Supply chain integration
Integration by relying on the existing resources of Galaxy Holding Group and by leveraging the exclusive commercial real estate resources.
Customer service capability
Customer service capability
With the intimate service tenet of “Galaxy boutique, sincere service”, the professional commercial real estate management system provides customers with quality services.
Talent retention capability
Talent retention capability
We carry forward the human resource management model of “expert mentor + core team + echelon training” and establish an effective talent training mechanism. In this way, we build Galaxy Commercial Property into a “capable, efficient, professional and versatile” business management team.