Deeply Cultivate Greater Bay Area
Develop the Yangtze River Delta

Cooperation Requirements
Cooperation models
Project positioning and engineering design consulting, entrusted management, management output, entire tenancy, cooperative business operation, merger and acquisition
Area requirements
The commercial area should be more than 50,000 square meters, including 50,000 square meters.
Cooperation brands
COCO Park, COCO City, iCO, COCO Garden and Top Living
Service contents
Project positioning planning service, engineering design consulting service, human resource service, investment promotion service, corporate planning and promotion service, operation and management service, commercial system and membership system service, etc.
Preliminary planning consulting

Analysis of the overall market environment 

Business environment analysis

Business competitive environment analysis

Overall positioning of commercial projects

Planning of business forms for commercial projects

Proposal for general layout planning 

Traffic flow line analysis

Formulation of preparation plan

Formulation of commercial tenant solicitation strategy

Formulation of rental price scheme

Calculation of rental earnings 

Design technical consulting

Site survey, analysis and evaluation

Recommendations for technical analysis report

Consultant report on engineering 

(Including planning of business form as well as coordination)

Provide design input and suggestions for changes in current engineering conditions

Provide suggestions for design work plan 

participate in design technical communication meeting

Review and give comments on the outcomes of design in each stage

Human resources consulting

Organizational structure of projects, staffing and planning for job commencement

Compensation and benefits planning for project employees

Recruitment and employment planning

Employee relationship management planning

Employee attendance management planning

Employee performance planning

Employee training planning

Corporate planning and promotion

Formulation of visual identity and corporate identity (VICI)

Formulation of signage system plan

Marketing & promotion planning and organization of implementation during preparatory period 

Preparation and implementation of annual promotion plans during the operation period

Commercial tenant solicitation

Complete the commercial tenant solicitation according to the business plan and rental price scheme 

Operation and management

Implement the overall operation and management of the project in accordance with Galaxy business management system and standards

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