Good news: Xingsheng business won the top 10 award of brand value of China commercial real estate company
2021-09-15 source:Xinghe commercial house


Sophisticated Experience in Commercial Operations

Deep Engagement in the Greater Bay Area and Covering the Whole Country

As the first stock of purely commercial operation services in the Hong Kong stock market, E-Star CM (6668.HK) has been deeply engaged in the commercial real estate field for nearly two decades and formed an entire industry chain and full-process business management system to ensure high-quality and efficient operation of all projects and create maximum value for investors. Meanwhile, it actively promotes three operating modes (entrusted management, brand management and output, and overall leasing) to acquire more commercial properties and expand market share.

This year, the company continues to make efforts in external expansion, focusing on deepening the engagement in the Greater Bay Area, developing the Yangtze River Delta vigorously, seizing the opportunity to access the Southwest market, and selecting the best timing to enter high-quality cities. It has successfully settled in Shanghai, Xiamen, Chengdu, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, and other core cities. As of June 30, 2021, E-Star CM had expanded its business footprint to 24 cities across the country, offering services to 69 commercial property projects, with a total contract area of about 3.48 million m2.


Picture | National Layout of E-Star CM

In the first half of this year, the occupancy rate of the company was as high as 94.7%, reaching the average of TOP 5 nationwide, another increase of 0.4% from the end of 2020. The high occupancy rate is the foundation that guarantees the rental and other income in commercial property operation and also a demonstration of the company’s core operating strength.

Adhering to the management requirements of high efficiency, high quality, and high technology, the company has gained recognition and praise from customers. The abundant management experience accumulated over the years keeps the company at the forefront of the business service industry. With the continuous expansion of the management scale, E-Star CM has gradually formed its unique style. Through refined operation and digital layout, it continuously improves the quality of operation to build high-quality commercial space.


COCO Park Leads the Development

The Brand System Branches Out

COCO Park is a star brand and the first implemented project brand of E-Star CM. In 2006, Shenzhen Futian Galaxy COCO Park, the first park scenario-based shopping mall in China, was grandly opened. The project has broken through the business cycle and been a trendy landmark of Shenzhen’s CBD and a model of urban commercial transformation for the last 15 years with continuous upgrading and renovation, highlighting the extraordinary capability of E-Star Commercial to upgrade and transform existing properties.


Picture | Shenzhen Futian Galaxy COCO Park

Since Shenzhen Futian Galaxy COCO Park, the COCO Park brand has sprung up in Shenzhen. In 2012, Shenzhen Longgang Galaxy COCO Park, the first large-scale comprehensive shopping mall in Longgang District, Shenzhen, opened for business, blazing a trail of commercial transformation in Longgang. In 2018, Shenzhen Galaxy WORLD·COCO Park, positioned as an elite cultural and creative shopping mall, made a grand debut, adding a commercial benchmark in Bantian Subdistrict, Longgang District.

In 2021, E-Star CM signed a new contract for Xiamen Galaxy COCO Park to further expand the brand influence of COCO Park to Haixi, co-build a benchmark project with Xiamen Tefang Group, and drive the transformation and upgrading of urban commerce with new commercial attempts constantly.


Picture | Shenzhen Longgang Galaxy COCO Park, Shenzhen Galaxy WORLD·COCO Park

Multiple COCO Park projects will pass forward the brand DNA of fashion, experience, and trend, highlight their distinctive positioning based on local conditions, and demonstrate the sophisticated expertise and unique business wisdom of E-Star CM in creating commercial projects.

Starting with COCO Park, E-Star CM has branched out its product lines. Currently, it manages five major product brands, including COCO Park, COCO City, iCO, COCO Garden, and Top Living. In addition, E-Star CM has gradually extended its business chain in recent years and created five themed shopping area brands: Galaxy Fit Lab, Food Enjoy, Galaxy Selection, Galaxy Life, and Galaxy Town, involving children’s entertainment, gourmet collection stores, home, and many other business sectors. It has cooperated perfectly with the commercial project development of the company and created differentiated positioning effectively with the abundant brand resources to enhance the shopping experience of consumers.


Gearing Up Preparation for Multiple Projects

Co-build a Better Urban Life

Currently, many commercial projects of E-Star CM have entered the intensive preparation period, such as Xiamen Galaxy COCO Park, Jiaxing Galaxy COCO City, Foshan Changhua Galaxy COCO City, and Guannan Hengji Galaxy COCO City. Xiamen Galaxy COCO Park was selected in the “Mall China Golden Mall 2021 Urban Promotion Excellence List” yesterday, becoming the only project in Xiamen that was included in the list. As a blockbuster contract signed by E-Star CM in 2021, Xiamen Xinghe COCO Park is located in the convention, exhibition, business, and trade area in the eastern part of Xiamen Island. Based on the 212-meter high stylish and avant-garde twin tower design, a smart commercial space is created with the core theme of “trend, novelty, and characteristic” to explore the new value of infusing urban life with new color and establish a new benchmark for commercial experience in the Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Area.


Picture | Xiamen Galaxy COCO Park

Jiaxing Galaxy COCO Park was selected in the “Mall China Golden Mall 2021 Planning and Design Excellence List” yesterday. As the first project of E-Star CM in Zhejiang, this spectacular masterpiece is located in the financial center section of the international CBD in Nanhu District, Jiaxing. With a volume of over 80,000 m2, the project will create three urban leisure and social platforms and six themed scenes with unique architectural spaces, covering affordable luxury and fashion, trendy retail, food and delicacy, parent-child fun, sports experience, digital support, night economy, and many other business sectors.


Picture | Jiaxing Galaxy COCO City (Rendering)

With a commercial volume of about 160,000 m2, Foshan Changhua Galaxy COCO City is located in Shishan Town, one of the top 100 economic core towns on the central development axis of the Greater Bay Area. With the three-dimensional international architectural design, large-scale urban cultural, artistic, and sports facilities, it brings together elite technology talents to create a 24-hour three-dimensional exploration destination for ecological consumption.


Picture | Foshan Changhua Galaxy COCO City (Rendering)

Guannan Hengji Galaxy COCO City, a 330,000-square-meter regional complex with a commercial volume of about 126,600 m2, strives to create a high-end urban commercial complex in the Lianyungang area. It has a collection of 10 distinctive shopping and life experiences such as IMAX cinema, multi-functional banquet halls, diverse themed food, children’s theme space, ushering in a new era of business in northern Jiangsu.


Picture | Guannan Henderson Galaxy COCO City (Rendering)

In the last two decades, E-Star CM has been devoted to “creating urban prosperity with business wisdom” to provide cities with commercial spaces and services with comprehensive functions and infinite vitality, promote the continuous innovation of urban commercial space operations, and make people’s lives brimming with more fantastic imagination.