E-Star CM Settles in Guangzhou’s Northern Sub-center, Partnering up with Guangzhou Haiyin Industrial to Create an Urban Public Living Room
2021-12-02 source:E-Star CM HK6668 December 2, 2021


On December 2, 2021, E-Star CM (Stock Code: 6668.HK) and Guangzhou Haiyin Industrial Development Co., Ltd. held an official signing ceremony in Shenzhen for the cooperation of Guangzhou Haiyin Phoenix Xintiandi Project. Mr. Ye Zhisheng, Chairman of Guangzhou Haiyin Industrial, Mr. Huang Delin, Vice President of Galaxy Holding Group, Chairman of Galaxy Property Group, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of E-Star CM, and other leaders and guests attended the ceremony. It is reported that the two parties will cooperate in this project based on the model of brand and management output, and E-Star CM will introduce “iCO”, a regional shopping mall brand under its operation and management, to Guangzhou Haiyin Phoenix Xintiandi.


Picture | Address by Mr. Ye Zhisheng, Chairman of Guangzhou Haiyin Industrial 


Picture | Address by Mr. Huang Delin, Vice President of Galaxy Holding Group, Chairman of Galaxy Property Group, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of E-Star CM


Picture | Mr. Liu Jingqiang, Director of Guangzhou Haiyin Industrial and Mr. Tao Muming, Executive Director and President of E-Star CM, officiated the signing ceremony

Sophisticated Commercial Operation

Further Development of the Greater Bay Area with Multi-site Deployment of Commercial Projects

As the first listed company in Hong Kong with pure commercial operation services, E-Star CM has built Shenzhen Futian Galaxy COCO Park in Shenzhen Futian CBD, the first park scenario-based shopping mall in China. It has been a trendy landmark of Shenzhen CBD and a model of urban commercial transformation for the last 15 years, highlighting the outstanding accomplishments of E-Star CM in upgrading and transforming the existing properties.

Since its establishment, E-Star CM has built 5 commercial product brands: COCO Park, COCO City, iCO, COCO Garden, and Top Living. Currently, it has established a whole industry chain and full-process business management system, while actively promoting three operational models (entrusted management, brand management and output, and overall leasing) to acquire more commercial properties and expand its market share. This year, the company continued to step up its efforts to expand its business, focusing on further development in the Greater Bay Area, enhancing the growth in the Yangtze River Delta, seizing the opportunity to access the Southwest market, and selecting the best timing to enter high-quality cities, with successful access to many core cities such as Shanghai, Xiamen, Chengdu, Zhuhai, and Guangzhou. As of June 2021, over 60% of E-Star CM’s projects were third-party ones, laying a solid foundation for its future development. As the capital of Guangdong Province and the core city of the Greater Bay Area, Guangzhou is a quality city and has always been a focus of interest for E-Star CM. In 2021, after signing the Guangzhou Health Port Galaxy COCO Park Project in August, the company has entered into a win-win cooperation with Guangzhou Haiyin Industrial to build the Guangzhou Haiyin Phoenix Xintiandi Project, successfully accessing northern Guangzhou, which is also of strategic significance to enhancing the company’s “deep plowing of the Greater Bay Area” expansion layout. It is also of strategic importance to strengthen the company’s “further development in the Greater Bay Area”.

Urban Public Living Room

New Lead Commercial Landmark in Conghua, Guangzhou

Located in Jiangcun area of downtown Conghua District, Guangzhou Haiyin Phoenix Xintiandi Project is an urban commercial complex with a total construction area of about 76,000 m2, including two basement parking floors and five above-ground commercial floors. The project is adjacent to the G105 central corridor, with superior location advantages for transportation. As the back garden of Guangzhou and the hot spring capital of China, Conghua has been ranked among the top ten counties (cities) in Guangdong for many consecutive years and first in comprehensive tourism competitiveness, with annual tourists of over 20 million. With the opening of high-speed railways, subways, North Guangzhou Expressway, and other transportation networks in the future, Conghua will also accelerate its blending into the “Tianhe Half-hour Economic Circle”, making its urban value as a livable and travelable back garden of Guangzhou increasingly prominent and ushering in a new round of growth opportunities.


Picture | Rendering of Guangzhou Haiyin Phoenix Xintiandi Project 

More than ten high-end communities, one million square meters of large-scale buildings and three universities are gathered within 3 kilometers of the project, covering a core consumer population of nearly 200,000 and a population of 500,000 within 5 kilometers. There are also favorable news about the implementation of grade A tertiary hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, provincial level-1 school, and other projects, which will better tap the future growth potential of the area where the project is located. The improvement in the urban value of Conghua, as well as the convenient transportation and supporting facilities around the project, will drive the robust introduction of population and provide excellent support for the development of the project. The project will focus on young and fashionable, experience and entertainment features, offering exclusive experience for the surrounding citizens and creating an urban commercial benchmark in northern Guangzhou. Moreover, it will lead the new consumption trend, guide the trade-up, create an amazing “Urban Public Living Room” for citizens of Conghua with a collection of leisure and entertainment functions, and empower a beautiful urban commercial life.


Picture | Rendering of Guangzhou Haiyin Phoenix Xintiandi Project 

The partnership with Guangzhou Haiyin Industrial is another accomplishment of E-Star CM in project expansion, which has also demonstrated the market’s recognition of the Group’s commercial brand output and operation capabilities. Guangzhou Haiyin Industrial states that the decades of accumulated business operation capability and superior asset management level of E-Star CM will definitely contribute to creating a great “Urban Public Living Room” in northern Guangzhou to enhance the quality of urban life by shaping distinctive features.


Upholding the mission of “creating urban prosperity with business wisdom”, E-Star CM will continue to implement high-quality expansion through multiple channels in lockstep based on the strategy of “consolidating the development in the Greater Bay Area, enhancing the growth in the Yangtze River Delta, seizing the opportunity to access the Southwest market, and selecting the best timing to enter high-quality cities”. Meanwhile, it will continue to exert the commercial cluster effect, provide commercial space and services with comprehensive functions and infinite vitality to cities, drive the continuous innovation of urban commercial space operation, and unleash more beautiful imaginations in people’s lives.