Honor | E-Star Commercial won the “Outstanding Asset-light Operator of 2020-2021” Award!
2021-05-20 source:E-Star Commercial


On May 20, 2021, the 16th China Commercial Real Estate “Golden Coordinate” Award Ceremony sponsored by Winshang.com was grandly held in Guangzhou. E-Star Commercial and its managed projects won great awards for their outstanding performance and powerful strength! Among them, E-Star Commercial won the honorary title of “Outstanding Asset-light Operator of 2020-2021”; Guannan Hengji Galaxy COCO City, a newly signed project of E-Star Commercial in 2020, won the “Annual Highly Anticipated Commercial Real Estate Project”; Dongguan Tangxia Galaxy COCO Garden, a project for deeper engagement in the Greater Bay Area, won the “Annual Highly Anticipated Community Commercial Model Project”.


Successfully listed for further growth

Significant achievements in project expansion for deeper engagement in the Greater Bay Area

E-Star Commercial (6668.HK) was successfully listed on the Main Board of HKEX on January 26 this year as the first stock of purely commercial operation services in the Hong Kong stock market. In 2020, E-Star Commercial achieved substantial growth in its core performance indicators, with a revenue of about RMB 442 million, a year-on-year growth of about 14.1%, a gross profit of about RMB 249 million, a year-on-year growth of about 23.9%, and a net profit attributable to the parent company of about RMB 127 million, a year-on-year growth of about 50.0%.

The outstanding performance came from the sophisticated project operation and management on the one hand, and the remarkable results of the company’s project expansion on the other. As of the end of 2020, the total contracted area of the company reached approximately 3.28 million m2, with a total of 53 projects spanning 20 cities across the country. In regional distribution, E-Star Commercial continued to deepen its engagement in the Greater Bay Area, while making further efforts in developing the Yangtze River Delta simultaneously. Currently, 32 projects have been deployed in the Greater Bay Area, with the number of projects accounting for about 60.4%. Meanwhile, it has entered Jiaxing and Lianyungang to further develop the market and deployed 9 projects in the Yangtze River Delta, with prominent results of the layout, which also laid a solid foundation for the future development of E-Star Commercial. After the performance release conference on March 31 this year, CCB International, Industrial Securities, First Shanghai and other institutions successively released research reports and performance reviews, affirming the excellent performance and sustainable growth potential of E-Star Commercial.

Looking forward to 2021, E-Star Commercial will implement high-quality expansion through multiple channels in lockstep based on the strategy of “consolidating the development in the Greater Bay Area, enhancing the growth in the Yangtze River Delta, seizing the opportunity to access the Southwest market, and selecting the best timing to enter high-quality cities”. Meanwhile, it will continue to promote three operating modes (entrusted management, brand management and output, and overall leasing) vigorously to acquire more commercial properties and seek strategic M&A opportunities to expand market share as appropriate.


Guannan Hengji Galaxy COCO City

Highly anticipated destination of super dynamic experience coming soon

Guannan Hengji Galaxy COCO City, the new winner of “Annual Highly Anticipated Commercial Real Estate Project”, is another brand management output project created by E-Star Commercial in Lianyungang, Jiangsu. The project has a commercial building area of 126,600 m2, striving to build a high-end urban commercial complex in Lianyungang area and the first destination of super dynamic experience in northern Jiangsu.

The project is located in the core business district (CBD) of Qiaodong, Guannan and only 800 m away from the traditional commercial center, the core planning area for new commercial and high-quality residential buildings in the future. With convenient transportation, the project is 1.6 km away from Guannan Chengdong Bus Terminal and 6.8 km from Guannan High-speed Railway Station, covering nearly 3 million customers in the surrounding counties and cities.


Guannan Hengji Galaxy COCO City is planned to have 5 above-ground commercial floors and 2 basements, with a collection of 10 distinctive shopping and life experiences such as IMAX cinema, themed food, children’s theme space, boutique department stores and fashion theme street, multi-functional banquet halls, hypermarket, outdoor block of Avenue of Stars, cultural and creative experience area, indoor sports field, and roof garden, striving to create the first urban complex integrating shopping, entertainment and experience that is highly anticipated in Guannan.


Dongguan Tangxia Galaxy COCO Garden

Situational living space that sets an example of successful community business

Dongguan Tangxia Galaxy COCO Garden, the winner of “Annual Highly Anticipated Community Commercial Model Project” this time, is another masterpiece of E-Star Commercial’s deeper engagement in the Great Bay Area with its community shopping mall brand “COCO Garden”. The project is located in Tangxia, Dongguan, bordering Galaxy Times, a core community in the area, with convenient transportation such as high-speed rail and subway, striving to build a situational lifestyle and upgrade the future situational living and commercial space in Tangxia.

With its unique Block commercial layout, the project gathers Chinese-style commerce, links its own residence and living space, brings together more than 100 brand merchants to co-build a community life center, education service, entertainment and vitality, and characteristic food space, etc., offering the community with functions such as living facilities, social gatherings, parent-child leisure, entertainment and interaction, sparing no effort in creating a new model of urban community business.



The unique asset-light development model, continuously improved brand influence, and high profitability have not only won the favor of many investors but also provided a powerful impetus for the further growth of E-Star Commercial after being listed. Looking to the future, E-Star Commercial will further develop diversified services, expand management scale and increase service efficiency with more professional management and better products, and continue to consolidate its leadership in the Greater Bay Area.