Honor | E-Star Commercial won the 2021 CCFA Golden Lily Best Practice Case of Shopping Mall Digital Application!
2021-06-23 source:E-Star Commercial


From June 23 to 24, the 2021 China Shopping Mall and Chain Brand Development Summit & Exhibition was held at the Shanghai International Convention Center with the theme “Achieving New Business Value via In-depth Operation”. At the summit, E-Star Commercial won the 2021 CCFA Golden Lily Best Practice Case of Shopping Mall Digital Application with its digital application case—“Build full-link contact marketing to empower business development with digital application”.


As annual grand events in the industry,“CCFA Golden Lily” series have been continuously held by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) since 2011, aiming to guide the cooperation of shopping malls and chain brands, deepen business management, and improve overall shopping mall growth capacity and branding level.

The “2021 CCFA Golden Lily Best Practice Case” in the shopping mall category was selected based on consumer research, design, investment promotion, operation, marketing, digital application and capital operation. After the layer-by-layer process of “preliminary review, entry review, and entry release”, candidates were evaluated comprehensively in four dimensions of foresightedness, originality, reference, and effectiveness to determine and industry benchmark.


In the era of big data, E-Star Commercial fully focuses on building more efficient and comprehensive connections with consumers to better meet their demand and boost the high-quality development of business operations.

Build full-link contact marketing

Facilitate client-oriented precision marketing

In 2020, E-Star Commercial comprehensively deployed the client-oriented digital development strategy, focusing on customer consumption scenes to build a consumption ecosystem with full access to customers based on E-Star Commercial’s official mini program COCO GO as the carrier, mini program live streaming platform, cloud shopping platform, WeChat official account, and WeChat community as the contact points.

In recent years, E-Star Commercial has made many attempts to empower refined management by science and technology. It has opened the “Youxingyi” online shopping mall, breaking the limit of time and space on consumer behavioral changes and external shopping conditions; cooperated with high-quality merchants and established the online shopping platform Youxingyi in response to market demand, creating a brand-new 24-hour online shopping space.


E-Star Commercial full-link ecosystem

On the one hand, private domain traffic acquisition channels are broadened based on the online marketing platform to open up WeChat communities, official account, mini programs, and cloud shopping platform and activate the original private domain traffic pool. On the other hand, public domain traffic is introduced by cooperation with Alibaba’s local life word-of-mouth business district, TikTok, and Tencent smart retail mini-program to expand the traffic pool, while further engaging in membership services and offering members with more accurate product recommendations and services based on data analysis.

Develop digital management system

Implement technology-driven refined operations  

Based on developing consumer contact points, E-Star Commercial has optimized and upgraded its data operation center, improved digital products and systems, and effectively enhanced operational and business service capabilities to support business decision with data-driven operations efficiently.

Informatization and digital technology are applied to establish business visualization, implement digital patrol, locate the customer flow at each store accurately, and leverage technological strength to achieve precise access and marketing; intelligent equipment is used to ensure the quality of the business environment, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.


E-Star Commercial visual patrol system

In the future, E-Star Commercial will also cooperate with leading enterprises to co-develop commercial digital products, striving to advance with full momentum in the general trend of commercial digitalization. Combining years of operating experience and diverse business sector scenes with technological strength, E-Star Commercial is committed to leading the development of future digital business.