E-Star CM Steps up Expansion to Build a New Commercial Destination in Xiashan, Zhanjiang
2021-12-08 source:E-Star CM HK6668December 8, 2021

Recently, E-Star CM(HK.6668) has stepped up its expansion efforts and made good progress on many fronts. On December 8, E-Star CM (HK.6668) and Zhanjiang Hongrui Property Management Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony attended by leaders and guests from both parties. In this win-win cooperation with Hongrui Property in Zhanjiang Jiangxia Plaza Project, COCO City, a shopping mall brand ran and managed by E-Star CM, will be introduced based on the brand and management output model to co-create a new commercial destination in Xiashan.

New One-stop Lifestyle and Leisure Destination

New Commercial Landscape of Xiashan, Zhanjiang

Located at the intersection of Guangdong Province, HainanProvince, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Zhanjiang is the main sea gate to other countries fromprovinces in southwest China and the center city of western Guangdong Province and the Beibu Gulf City Cluster. According to the latest planning of Guangdong Province, Zhanjiang is a provincial sub-center city supported by Guangdong and is currently home to Baosteel, Sinopec, China Resources, BASF (Germany), and other Fortune Global 500 companies. The city had a GDP ranking 10th in the provincein 2020; a resident population of about 6.98 million, ranking 5th in the province, second only to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, and other cities, with massive consumption potential. Zhanjiang Jiangxia Plaza Project islocated in Xiashan District,downtown Zhanjiang, ranking top in GDP and per capita disposable income in 2020, with strong consumption power; the resident population is about 540,000, ranking 2nd in the city in terms of population density.The project is located at the intersection of Shenchuan Avenue (South) and West Jiefang Road, the trunk roads in Xiashan District, Zhanjiang, with a total volume of about 100,000 m2. It is a commercial complexwith shopping mall and hotels, including a regional shopping mall of nearly 70,000 m2 (B2 for parking, B1-6F for commercial).The project is adjacent to People’s Square and at the intersection of multiple truck roads such as Shenchuan Avenue, Renmin Road, and Jiefang Road, with optimal accessibility (merely 15 minutes) to Zhanjiang Airport, New Guangzhou-Zhanjiang High-speed Railway Station, and Cruise Terminal, very convenient in transportation. With many residential buildings, schools, hospitals, office buildings, government agencies around, the project covers a population of more than 500,000  in 3 km radius, with complete supporting facilities, dense population, and thick atmosphere of life.

The project is planned as a new lifestyle and leisure destination with the collection of leisure shopping, parent-child entertainment, and food culture to meet citizens’ pursuit of quality life in every way. Leveraging the development opportunities of Zhanjiang’s modern coastal economic zone, the high consumption power, and inflow of migrants to Xiashan District, the superior location advantages and supporting facilities of the project, coupled with the sophisticated commercial operation experience of E-Star CM, we have reason to believe that the Zhanjiang Jiangxia Plaza Project will become a major contributor to the regional economic prosperity and new commercial landscape of Xiashan.


Picture | Rendering of Zhanjiang Jiangxia Plaza Project 

Stepping up Efforts for Laser-sharp Focused Expansion

E-Star CM Achieves Another Success in Guangdong Region

E-Star CM (6668.HK) was officially listed on HKEX (Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing) on January 26, 2021 as the first stock of purely commercial operation services in the Hong Kong stock market. Since its establishment, E-Star CM has built 5 commercial product brands: COCO Park, COCO City, iCO, COCO Garden, and Top Living. Currently, it has established a whole industry chain and full-process business management system, while actively promoting three operational models (entrusted management, brand management and output, and overall leasing) to acquire more commercial properties and expand its market share. As of June 30, 2021, E-Star CM has a total contract area of about 3.48 million m2 and provided services to 69 commercial property projects, in which those from third parties account for approximately 61.9% in project area. Region-wise, there are 44 projects in the Greater Bay Area, 10 in the Yangtze River Delta, 4 in Central China, and 11 in other regions. The business footprint covers 24 cities in China, including multiple major cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Chengdu, Changsha, and Xiamen, demonstrating the company’s market-oriented expansion capacity and a source of sustainable growth in the future.

As the location of the headquarters of E-Star CM’s business sectors and the origin of its star benchmark projects, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is an advantageous place where E-Star CM focuses its development. Zhanjiang is a sub-center city of Guangdong Province, playing the role of a bridgehead connecting the Beibu Gulf Economic Belt and Hainan Free Trade Zone in the Western Guangdong City Cluster. The Zhanjiang Jiangxia Plaza Project co-built with Hongrui Property is another success of E-Star CM’s project expansion, which has demonstrated the market’s recognition of the Group’s commercial brand output and operation capacity, and is of strategic significance to enhancing the company’s expansion layout of “further developing the Greater Bay Area, covering regional core cities”. Adhering to its business philosophy of “creating urban prosperity with business wisdom”, E-Star CM will continue to help build a quality urban life based on decades of accumulated business operation capability and superior asset management level.